The Curarte Foundation

Outfitting and humanisation of the patio on the Child and Teenager’s Psychiatry Ward at the Gregorio Marañon hospital.

The Esther Koplowitz Foundation has brought to life the project that the CurArte Foundation, an organisation that seeks to improve the lives of children in hospital through art and creativity, proposed in 2009: the refurbishment of the existing patio in the Child and Teenager’s Psychiatry Ward in the Gregorio Marañon hospital in Madrid, in order to greatly improve the lives of all children and teenagers admitted to the hospital.

The project, which was funded entirely by the Esther Koplowitz Foundation, entails opening access to the patio from inside the building, as well as the construction of a light metal structure around the perimeter of the patio illustrated with mural paintings (which evoke nature and the outside world), the installation of basketball hoops, a ping-pong table, a table football game ... and the construction of a covered area, so they can enjoy the patio even on rainy days or days of extreme heat.

Thanks to the design of the patio, patients now get a chance to enjoy the outdoors.


  • Gregorio Marañon General University Hospital
    Dr. Celso Arango López, head of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Department
    "Without Ms. Koplowitz it would not have been possible and we would still be trying to secure the funding. She has been our Fairy Godmother."