Nido Foundation

The Nido Foundation started out as the ‘El Nido’ Rehabilitation and Special Education centre that opened in 1977 as a result of the initiative of several parents with children suffering from cerebral palsy, who, given the lack of a place to provide the educational needs and care required by their children, decided to form an association.

In 1995, the association moved to a new facility in an old school in Campamento. The biggest problem for the Association was physical space. The home urgently needed an extension, not just to increase the number of available places but also the services of the day care centre.
Andres Aberasturi, one of the fathers of the association and renowned journalist, wrote to the founder telling her of the situation of the scholl and its need for help, and ten days later, representatives of the Foundation made their first visit to the school.

The Esther Koplowitz Foundation took over the project and commissioned architect Ricardo Landaluce to produce the design. Subsequently, FCC built the new three-storey building which today is now a reality and enabled the capacity of the existing facility to be doubled with a new 3000 square metre building that encompasses the former buildings. It consists of two facades, one south facing and one east facing, in which bed-sit cottages have been built for residents.

Inside, no detail is missing - the ground floor houses the service area, with natural light coming in from an English courtyard topped with a pond. The layout of each floor at ground level is intuitive. The ground floor has two bright, multi-purpose rooms, a Rock ’n' Roll room, and the Cotton room, while the first floor contains eleven identical cottages with a capacity for 22 beds. The columns are lined with different materials so that children feel different sensations when they touch them. The illumination has also been the object of meticulous study and serves a dual function of both lighting and sensorial stimulation.

It has become an architectural landmark in which the new building provides maximum functionality at the service of its inhabitants, whose health in many cases is extremely delicate. Such technical and architectural standards have been achieved with the utmost respect for the environment: gardens and lawns, reusable water, natural light, and the use of LED lighting and recycled materials are some of the healthy environmental practices implemented in the project.


  • Fundación Nido
    Andrés Aberasturi, President of the Fundación Nido

    "Accustomed as we are to receiving no reply or diplomatic brush-offs, Ms. Esther Koplowitz's involvement through her Foundation has been not just economic but also a major injection of optimism".


  • Expansion project for the Fundación Nido home
    Mª José Bollaín,President of the Asociación "El Despertar"
    "The more effort we make, the more our children benefit, taking into account that each one of us always has 57 children in mind because we care about the well-being of all of them without distinction.”
  • Expansion project for the Fundación Nido home
    Mari Cruz Pérez

    “Thanks to the Fundación Esther Koplowitz, we will see our dream come true, having a home that is perfectly adapted to our children”.


  • Nido Foundation
    Adolfo Aparicio, father.
    "We learn and do our therapies with joy, in a family atmosphere of love."
  • Ricardo Landaluce
    Architect on the Fundación Nido expansion project

    "This experience helped me look at life differently. I consider it a very positive experience."