Nuestra Casa home, Madrid

César Fernández, Resident.

“Any selfless contribution to help people who need it deserves praise.”


Nuestra Casa home, Madrid
How old are you?

Seventy two.


What did you do before you retired?

I corrected precision tooling plans.


How many years have you been in the home?

Eight years.


What do you like to do?

Anything apart from sitting still. I don't know how to be idle.



They call you ‘the artist of the home’. How did you start painting? How did you learn?

Like everyone I imagine: at primary and secondary school, then at university I took drawing as a subject, I never went to art school.


Can you show us some works?

Just the ones that are in the home.



What is your favourite piece?

The portrait of Daniela, the granddaughter of my good friend Mauricio.


How do you collaborate in the home?

I've never said no to anything they have asked of me. I have done carving, drawing, painting, marquetry, electrical installations… I collaborate by creating rehabilitation materials that the occupational therapists and physiotherapists ask me for. I've made several nativity scenes to decorate the home, and I often help to decorate the centre when we have parties by making decorations.

And you have won a prize…

I illustrated two books.

For the first one I was given a prize, the publisher of the book at the 2014 Book Fair. I won a prize for one of my nativity scenes in the Spanish Nativity Association's competition for homes in 2014 and a second prize in the same competition in 2015 for another one of my creations. In 2015 one of my drawings was also chosen in the painting contest for the Adavir calendar.


What do you think of the contribution by the Fundación de Esther Koplowitz to this project?

Any selfless contribution to help people who need it deserves praise.


Do you have any stories you would like to share?

I am a good story myself in my everyday life.