Fundación Nido

Andrés Aberasturi, President of the Fundación Nido

"Accustomed as we are to receiving no reply or diplomatic brush-offs, Ms. Esther Koplowitz's involvement through her Foundation has been not just economic but also a major injection of optimism".


Fundación Nido
How did the project come about for the Fundación Nido?

Once the new Law was enacted that regulates Foundations, a group of parents of the Asociación El Despertar (the Awakening Association) thought that it would be a good idea to set up a foundation whose aim would be to attend to and support persons with cerebral palsy and to maintain the spirit which the Asociación El Despertar was founded, aside from the changes of Boards of Governors which any association must undergo.


What are the Foundation's main objectives?

The Foundation has had to be realistic in its approach and tackle in particular the most serious levels of disability in terms of cerebral palsy not only for those who are affected by it but also seeking to help their families.


Who are the members of the Foundation?

The Foundation's membership comprises parents, brothers and sisters of boys and girls affected by cerebral palsy and who are currently receiving care and support in the centre run by the Asociación El Despertar, although this is not an essential requirement.


How did you secure the support of the Fundación Esther Koplowitz?

By means of a simple letter that we sent to Ms. Esther Koplowitz and which, to our surprise, received an almost instant reply asking for more information about us and the project in question, which was at the time the expansion of the El Despertar Residential Home.


How would you rate the support of the Fundación Esther Koplowitz?

Absolutely positively, as it could not be otherwise, in recognition of the personal support of Ms. Esther Koplowitz. Accustomed as we are to receiving no reply or diplomatic brush-offs, Ms. Esther Koplowitz's involvement through her Foundation has been not just economic but also a major injection of optimism.


What has this meant for the centre?

Firstly it has made it possible to expand our places for residents (we are the only centre of our kind in the whole of Madrid) and secondly our location in a building which is so beautiful, full of light and colour which will undoubtedly be beneficial to our folk's quality of life.


What type of support do you need?

Whatever one can provide and in every field. Our main problem and challenge is to the high day to day cost of caring for almost 60 people who are almost entirely dependent (in 98% of cases) and who suffer from related pathologies; there are fewer and fewer grants and subsidies and the expenses are constantly increasing.


What is the demand like in Madrid for services such as the ones your school offers?

As we have said earlier, the Foundation is largely supported by the Asociación El Despertar, which contributes to the School, the Day Centre and the Residence, and here I would reiterate something that may appear impossible: we are the only institution in Madrid that has a residential home for persons like these. Naturally there is a waiting list for admission.


Is there anything you would like to add?

For my part nothing further to add, apart from our personal thanks to Ms. Esther Koplowitz, who we believe deserves more public awareness and recognition in the media as an example for other business enterprises of the importance of how corporations can give something back to society.