Ricardo Landaluce

Architect on the Fundación Nido expansion project

"This experience helped me look at life differently. I consider it a very positive experience."

Ricardo Landaluce
1. How did you become involved in the project?

Ms. Koplowitz asked me to be a part of it and those who know her know that this means I had to be involved.

2. What did your role consist of?

Project development and management as an architect and individual in all that I could offer.

3. What was the inspiration for your design?

One day, Víctor Aparicio, the son of Adolfo, pointed at the roof to tell me he was coming home.

4. What were the main requirements?

Make the children and their carers happy.

Create a home for the soul (Juhani Pallasmaa)

Buildings help to organise our experiences creating human and cultural horizons of perception and meaning.

They help us grasp natural phenomena and capture the passing of time.

They provide us with a human focus.

As Gastón Bachelard said, the house is an instrument to cope with the universe.

On a deeper level, we tried to design the mental dimension of living.

5. How have they been met?

To the best of our ability.

6. How did you manage to combine the old building with the new one?

We have not managed to do this yet. The project is broken into 3 phases and we have completed the first, the most important one. Upon finishing the other 2 phases, we will achieve it.

7. What are the main features of the new building?

The natural light and the ability to connect the outer world with the interior.

8. What efforts have you made to create perfect harmony between the building and the environment?

By attempting to restore the ecological footprint and trying to make sure the building is not an object to look at but rather the place from which we observe the outdoors.

9. It has become a benchmark and the recipient of an award. What was the award?

The building has received widespread coverage in the media and journals, it was also nominated as one of the best buildings constructed in 2015.

10. What has this experience given you?

I was experiencing personal issues with a complicated son and it helped me look at life differently. I consider it a very positive experience.