Gregorio Marañon General University Hospital

Dr. Celso Arango López, head of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Department
"Without Ms. Koplowitz it would not have been possible and we would still be trying to secure the funding. She has been our Fairy Godmother."
What is it intended for?

On entertaining minors who are required to be hospitalised in a psychiatry ward 24 hours a day. The terrace is the only space where they can run, practise sport, play ping-pong, table football, etc. It is also the only open-air space for this hospitalisation unit. 



What patients are treated in this unit?

Teenagers between the ages of 12 and 18 years old with serious mental disorders: suicide attempts, psychotic behaviour, eating disorders, etc.



What does the Fundación CurArte do?

FUNDACIÓN CURARTE is a non-profit organisation that primarily aims to enhance the quality of life of hospitalised children by creating a more civilised medical environment, encouraging game play, creativity and art. In turn, this helps to consolidate the culture of care and attention to the paediatric patient.

Their aim is to ENHANCE THE QUALITY OF LIFE OF HOSPITALISED CHILDREN, helping to change the culture of care and attention they receive, promoting a more civilised approach to hospital care and tailoring projects to each hospital in line with their needs. Our motto is 'ENSURING CHILDREN'S HOSPITALS ARE LESS CLINICAL AND MORE CHILDLIKE'.



How did the terrace project come about?

The idea for the terrace project came about in 2010 after staff in the unit expressed the need for more space for hospitalised children, in light of the fact the unit is not particularly big and, especially, so that they could enjoy the outdoors.

It already had a terrace as such, but it was out-of-use; reasonably major works had to be carried out. Staff at the unit asked us and Fundación CurArte carried out the terrace renovation project.


What did the Esther Koplowitz Foundation bring?

It contributed the most important part, the funding to be able to further the project, as well as her FCC team to carry out the renovation works.



What are your thoughts on the contribution from Ms. Koplowitz?

Without Ms. Koplowitz it would not have been possible and we would still be trying to secure the funding. She has been our Fairy Godmother; actually, the Fairy Godmother of the children hospitalised in the unit.

Thanks to Ms. Koplowitz, the 450 children who are hospitalised every year have an open-air space where they can play, run, enjoy the sun and not be enclosed by walls and roofs.


What advantages does the terrace renovation have for the patients?

Adolescence is a stage in which exercise and group activities are crucial. The terrace allows the kids to ride an exercise bike, play basketball, take a walk, play table football and ping-pong, and to organise open-air games.

It is a recreational space that allows the patients to relax and let go of part of the distress caused by being hospitalised in an enclosed area. The terrace is even used for open-air therapy and chat sessions.



What is the patients' opinion on this terrace?

Very positive. This opinion is shared by both patients and their relatives and professionals from the Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Department at the Gregorio Marañon General University Hospital.

In fact, the terrace was one of the requests made in satisfaction surveys conducted by the department many years ago.