• Ricardo Landaluce
    Architect on the Fundación Nido expansion project

    "This experience helped me look at life differently. I consider it a very positive experience."

  • Fundación Nido
    Andrés Aberasturi, President of the Fundación Nido

    "Accustomed as we are to receiving no reply or diplomatic brush-offs, Ms. Esther Koplowitz's involvement through her Foundation has been not just economic but also a major injection of optimism".


  • Expansion project for the Fundación Nido home
    Mª José Bollaín,President of the Asociación "El Despertar"
    "The more effort we make, the more our children benefit, taking into account that each one of us always has 57 children in mind because we care about the well-being of all of them without distinction.”
  • Expansion project for the Fundación Nido home
    Mari Cruz Pérez

    “Thanks to the Fundación Esther Koplowitz, we will see our dream come true, having a home that is perfectly adapted to our children”.


  • Nido Foundation
    Adolfo Aparicio, father.
    "We learn and do our therapies with joy, in a family atmosphere of love."