"Nuestra Casa” Residential

The "Nuestra Casa” Residential Home for elderly people without financial resources in Collado Villalba opened its doors on 17th October 2001.
Today, it is one of the leading residential homes in the elderly care sector.

In 2001, the Esther Koplowitz Foundation made delivery to the Regional Government of Madrid a residential home with 140 beds for the elderly with limited financial resources. It was designed by architect José Luis Sáez de Heredia. The “Nuestra Casa” Residential Home is divided into two floors: the first floor is devoted to residents with severe illnesses such as Alzheimer’s or arteriosclerosis, while the top floor is for those that have a better quality of life.

Furthermore, the home has a day-care centre for 40 patients, located on the ground floor so that family members of our elderly patients can go to work during the day before coming to pick them up again in the evening.
The Esther Koplowitz Foundation has put the ‘Nuestra Casa’ Home in the very capable hands of Dr. López Menor, who attends the centre every day from 09h00 to 14h00 in exclusive service to our elderly members.

The Foundation also participates in a monitoring committee and channels all voluntary work at the Home.


  • Nuestra Casa home, Madrid
    César Fernández, Resident.

    “Any selfless contribution to help people who need it deserves praise.”


  • Nuestra Casa home, Madrid
    José Manuel Fernández López, resident

    I think the the Fundación Esther Koplowitz has become reference point in the field of care for the elderly.


  • Nuestra Casa home, Madrid
    Silvia Concejal Cabrero, Occupational Therapist.

     “The best thing is being able to meet people who have had such a long and interesting life and being able to help them to carry on storing satisfying moments in their memory.”


  • Nuestra Casa home, Madrid
    Alfredo Boullón García, Manager
    “ The home works like a big family.”
  • Nuestra Casa home, Madrid
    Benjamín Barrios, Resident

    “It is very good for all of us, how much they care for us”.